Tree services work in Oxford

Our qualified tree surgeons provide a range of services for tree maintenance and safety.

Our services include tree felling and removal, whether they are in large open spaces or in confined areas close to other trees or buildings.

Where a tree requires maintaining we provide crown reduction, crown thinning, crown lifting, pollarding and crown cleaning (dead wooding). This maintains the plants health and improves its shape and safety.

We can prune and trim hedges and trees to all shapes and sizes depending on your requirements.

Where a tree stump is present we can remove it via stump grinding so that it is not visible at the surface.

Our tree planting service includes advice on suitable trees to plant whether it is a new planting or as a replacement for a removed tree.

As a by-product of our work we also supply seasoned logs for burning and wood chip which can be used as a decorative ground cover in gardens or burnt in domestic or commercial biomass boilers.